I See You

I see you.  In my eyes, you are absolutely beautiful.  You are strong, you are courageous, you are solid.  You defy gravity.  You have stood tall through struggles and

trials, Supporting your cause all the while.  Your cause is to leave shoes for others to fill, Paths to guide others along the way, And examples of success for others to

recreate.  Never moved, you let God fight your battles.  Never doubting, you stand on His word.  Never giving up, you keep pressing forward. 

 I know you see what I see because I see you.


I see greatness, I see legacy; And in you, I see history.  Taught to hold your head up high, you never look down on others.  You look for the beauty in all things.  And

even when you are going through, you have never failed to lift me up.  You listened whenever the elders spoke; you held the line for others to climb the ropes.  You

held the light for others in the dark; you have always set the highest mark.  And you will always be the one in whom God is most pleased. 

Without a doubt in my mind, I know you see what I see because “I See You.”

Copyright 2019 Andrea L. Mills


The Gift

Talent comes in many forms, as many as shades
 of light, and if you are in search of yours, Keep
 searching both day and night.

Never stop short of finding your gift because there
 is one given especially to you, And through this gift
 you can do wonders and in the process make
 dreams come true.

Friends, family, loved ones, and admirers will all
tell you how special and great you are, But only
your confidence and sincere devotion to your gift
 will make you shine like the brightest star.


        © Copyright 2012 Andrea L. Mills