Poet, Speaker, Writer...Me!

So, I grew up in front of the mirror just repeating my name.  I have always said, "What's in a name?"  Everything!  Hi, I am Andrea Mills.  I am a poet, speaker, writer and above all, Me!  I have ups and downs, smiles and frowns. I have good days and bad, I even know that I have wishes that some people never ever dream to have.  But today, I wish for you to share my dream!

Come on in and enjoy my poetry.  I will be posting new poems and sharing old ones too.  And this time, I get to connect in a new way.  So let's do this!

I first started my website in 1995, which is unbelievable to me!  Not much has changed for me because the alphabet still goes from A to Z... I am a writer!  I write personalized poetry for weddings, graduations, tributes and such.  I also write resume's and speeches and each time I do,  I learn that words really do add that special touch.  So for me, this is going to be so much fun. Come on and go with me, Poetry has something for everyone...including you! ~Andrea

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Customer Testimonials

"Andrea, The poem is beautiful as is.  I love the million hidden puzzle pieces reference. "

Terry Jackson-Dukes, Client

I know things aren't always easy but I appreciate your time and  the attention you give to my simple requests and important needs, And I know that there are a million little pieces to this great big puzzle that you keep hidden away with the many sacrifices you make just for me.
(While this is just a snippet of the poem, it was written to honor the wife of a husband with Alzheimer's)