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Poet: Shaniqua Studemire


How do I repay you for the happiness you’ve placed upon me
This love I carry for you is like none I’ve ever felt before
I feel it with every step I take and every blink my eyes make
Baby you complete me thru and thru There’s no other like you
The love you feel for me supersedes all my pain
I’m thanking God for the blessing I’ve gained
I undoubtedly believe you were created for me
As simple as it may seem I see things so clearly now
I know its not just a dream

I’m reaching for the stars and you’re giving me the sun
I’m not trying to just set up house
I’m trying to build us a home
I love you just isn’t good enough when it comes to you I honor, cherish, and submit to you
Whatever you say I will do
One day I hope to be your wife and maybe give you a kid or two
There is no limit to my love for you
You’ve taken me around the world and back just staring into my eyes
I would follow you to the lowest valleys, highest mountains
Swim the deepest seas tenfold if I had to just to be close to you
Your love is so innocent
You can make love to me all night by only gently caressing me
You've given me such purity
You’ve got me feeling things
I’ve never felt before
Things I can’t ignore
I’m trying to explain but my thoughts are all jumbled up and I feel like I’m going insane
The way I feel for you is so new and even strange
I’m so comfortable around you yet I still get butterflies
I'm smiling, I’m laughing I’m crying
Baby I’m crying friends are asking why
How do I explain it
They say you’ll know when it’s right so is it as real for you as it is for me?
This love we share is patient, kind, unconditional and true
Ask me now or later and I’ll answer “Yes, I’ll marry you!”
I'll treat you like a woman is suppose to treat her man just give me your hand
My love will always be behind you whatever you do
Whether you’re wrong or right I’ll stand beside you
I can hardly wait till the day we take that stand as woman and man
The night we join together as one through this blessed unity
Until then I love you baby and you know exactly how much
Continue to be the man you are, Mr. Perfect and I’ll continue to play the role of Mrs. Studemire until we make it official!

Lady of Poetry!

Poet: Tony Mancosu



you don't know who i am; but i know you all too well
broken ties and severed lines; in your shadow where i dwell
promises like acid rain; aftertaste that burns within
one promise you won't make; swimming through my mind again

i was young; you were there; in my heart, you're not there

don't come around tryin to make things right
don't come around to apoogize
don't come around thinkin we won't fight
just come around

you'll be dead, where will i be? things unsaid, left wondering
that is not the life i choose; i close my eyes and cut you loose
you won't bother me anymore

i don't need you in my life; it's obvious that i got by
where you were, now only void; unanswered questions, tell me why
blame and hatred manifest; now i am projecting
you feel these things for me; this madness now infecting

i was a child; you were someone; had to escape; now you've escaped

don't come around tryin to make things right
don't come around to apologize
don't come around thinkin we won't fight
just come around

i won't be one more cliche; i know i'm not the one to blame
but heart and mind, no common ground; no solace in this have i found
in my reflection i see you; it only serves to warn me
of what i could become if hatred should destroy me
but that's a feeling i know well; the one thing you have left with me
self-hatred for being weak; wish these feelings would leave me
just go away


it's not that i don't understand; significance and how i care
it's not that i don't feel love; when i feel neither here nor there

i guess it's just how i escape; far away from all the pain
of all that's wrong and how i've wronged
the world seems better when i'm gone

so i go to this place; and take myself away
because i can't erase; what will be will not be changed

so this is what i feel sometimes...

there's times i feel so full of life; raw emotions running high
but this is what i feel sometimes...

i need not bother asking why; i keep it bottled up inside
so this is what i feel sometimes...



EVERY day you wake up is another opportunity to make up because if there is a will there is a way and if the sun is able to rise then you are able to start a new day. nevermind your critics and pay no attention to what your dream-stealers say because when you get down on your knees at night its whom to which you pray? its god so excuse the facade that is put on by the demigods cause success in life doesnt come to the one thats the fastest but to those that pace and trots. Lights,camera, action aint what its all about i learned a long time ago life is more significant because i rather be a poor dad than living rich without my kids. we have to get away from the stereotypical mindset that we are better than one another and try to better one another stop trying to get the best of one another and instead bring out the best in one another. anger is just one letter shy of danger and life is a thinking mans game i strive to be MVP just call me lebron james. life is worth the gamble i got my poker chips and i am going all in. I always keep my head towards the sky so when I speak my words will directed toward the lord and with my head in the upward position god and I are always looking eyes to eye. Because if you arent dying to live then you are just living to die, we can change the times we are in just by changing the mindset we are in and thats no lie.

Poet: Lon R. Bruso


Translucent cloud upon the moor
shifting, swirling, seeping
beneath a mausoleum door
wherein the dead lie sleeping

Shrouded secrets of the past
glimpses of tomorrow
a play of sorts with ghosts as cast
feigning joy and sorrow

Silently it starts to creep
throughout the brooding night
where cottages and castles sleep
bathed in firelight

Just before the grayish dawn
its tendrils touch the sea
where maybe it will journey on
or die and be set free

To form again some other place

it has not formed before
and wear an ever-changing face
translucent cloud upon the moor

Poet: Shonte Youmans


I met this guy he seem like he was one of a kind
I thought he was my prospect
He made me laugh he made smile
One day that smile turned into a frown
Because of my prospect
I wonder how you want me to love you
How you want me to hold you
How you want me to caress your body
Kiss your lips, whisper sweet nothings in your ear
This is all trial and error because you’re my prospect

I try to be loving, caring, nice, kind, understanding
I don’t know where I went wrong somehow we got disconnected
Disconnected from the world trying to create an evolution around each other
This prospect really had me going and I am still trying to stick around
You see because the love I can give to this prospect isn’t like any other
This prospect doesn’t understand that no matter what I will be there
I will be there even when he is broke as hell

All I can do is say prospect lets start over
I need a friend, lover, man, lifelong partner
I need someone who is going to love me when it hurts
But wait a minute all these needs and requests
He’s just a PROSPECT


Poet: Linda Cobb

Black Love

Black women's love is enduringly strong her love can break, melt or rule hearts.
Her love will fight for what she believes in?
If needed it will step in place where there is no leader.
With its dertermination it say " Come what may I am here to stay."
Riding on backbones of poverty, queens and kings.
Her hardship is her strength, sometime causes her to fall but it also brings her to height within herself.
Herlove can say hello or goodbye.
it will say to sea that beat against the rocks " What else can you do."
Like a tree that grows in the water with strong roots that continue to endure hate. racism, disappointment, jealousy, dertermination and love.
With courage she holds her head high. Walks like she own the rights to be here.
her truthfulness come so easily which some care to hear.
Dealing with the insurcurities that made to enslave her.
She wishes not to be tamed but respected.
with love being secure it can hold strong where everyone or everything seems to let go.

Poet: Charles Ramey, Jr.

I thank you, most precious Heavenly
For loving a no one such as I;
For all the times you saved my life;
Not allowing me to die.

For my feeble eyes that barely see;
For all my trials and life's miseries;
For they only help me to depend more
on Thee.

Thank you most of all for your most
precious Son,
Whose Holy Spirit came down, and
called upon me.
He is the Savior of the world known as
Jesus of Galilee,
Whom they crucified atop a mountain
called Calvary,
So that all who repent and believe in
Shall live forever with him in peace
throughout eternity.

In that, his darkest hour all he had to
say was "Enough! That is all!"
For he had the countless legions of your
Awaiting his beckoning call,
They, he knew, you would swiftly send;
Instead, he just hung there
Bearing the sins of the world
Because he chose to still call us his friends.

Oh, Father, he has shown the world
Such courage, strength, and grace, and a
love without end.
With earthly minds, such as ours,
We can barely comprehend.

I often have wondered; as he hung there
in disgrace
How awful he must have felt,
When his Heavenly Father had to turn
away from his face.
Would I have been willing to cry out?
And try to take his place?
Oh, but not I, or any he healed and
Along his way, would have been worthy
For the high price he alone could pay.

No one was worthy, of all he had
Not the leper, nor the blind who his
Holy face they could now see,
Nor those he had preached to,
From a boat in the sea,
Or those who were imprisoned,
He had set free.
The few that were around him,
How helpless they must have felt.
They could only pray, as they bowed
their heads before him,
I am sure they all knelt, as they looked
upon him,
What they saw made their hearts melt,
As his precious blood flowed slowly,
From a deep, burning welt.

And again, I cannot help but wonder
in awe with this courage, strength, and
Not once did he struggle, argue, or fight
Even as the nails they had driven
through his hand,
Continued to hold him with their
agonizing bite,
He just hung there bleeding, without
any malice, or spite.

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Poet: Ranne Sims

My Chocolate Adonis

Skin so smooth,
Words so sweet,
Lips so juicy,
Kisses that make my whole body weak,
The way he walks makes it seem like he’s preachin’
Makes the whole world stop….
And my breathin'
The twinkle in his eyes
Setting off so many sexual vibes,
While sending me so many messages,
Sexual mind lessons
His hands on my hips…
Makes me see the world differently,
Without the “great recession”,
Conversations so hypnotizing,
My ears are fiends,
Eventually you all will know what I mean
I just can’t get enough..
Of the love, his touch, his kisses, our lust..
Like a Hersey’s Kiss,
So smooth and sweet…
Sends me to heaven,
And I’m thanking God everyday,
Now I feel crazy,
For thinking I would have never met…

Never Would Have Thought

Never would have thought
That I would be sitting here thinking that my life has no meaning
Never would have thought
That I would ever question him like I am now,
Questioning him for all of my stupid mistakes that I’ve made
From the past,
To this present date…

Never would have thought
In my heart there was once love,
But now there’s hate..

So many hearts broken,
So many tears shed,
So many knives in my back,
I’m surprised I’m not paralyzed
Or brain dead
From all of the pride and faith lost…
Never would have thought

I’m sitting here with a bible in my hand
Searching for an answer…
But I see no words..
And I praise you to the core,
Now I’m wondering what for?

Mask after mask,
Covering my face
Because the world doesn’t understand me,
Instead of having my back,
All they want to do is brand me,
Even people in my family..
I guess that’s why they say..
“Life is a competition”

Never would have thought
Life would get so hard,
I’m always drowning myself with my thoughts and
What I feel
Especially my fears…
Putting them into poetry,
Because when speaking
No one hears…
Never would have thought… 

Never would have thought
That my light would dim,
I used to see things so clearly,
Now I only see bits and pieces..
Something like a glimpse..

Never would have thought,
I would be sitting here
to the ones that I have hurt,
Sorry to the ones that thought…
They knew everything about me.. Except for one..
I guess I just stayed away to long…

Never would have thought,
That I would be cutting people out of my circle
But there is only so much of the “premature mind set”
That I can take,
It’s all out of respect.
But I..
Never would have thought.

I know I have to go “through” the valley
To get to were I want to be,
But that THROUGH,
Seems never ending..
Never would have thought…..

Poet: Ali

I lay in my cold bed filled with emptiness
I lay in bed with tears rolling down my face
I wipe my tears from my cheeks and eyes
I ask God to take the pain away
I wonder when my time will come
I wonder if my time will come
I try to keep my faith
But the tighter I hold
The more it slips away from me
Like a bar of soap
I'm afraid to hold on any longer
But I'm even more afraid to let go
For It's all I have
I have no friends, no family,
No one who cares, no one who dares
To believe in me for just a while
No one to tell me it's going to be alright
No one to console me when I cry and hold me tight
No one to run to when I'm afraid
No one lead me, guide me in the right direction
No one
Alone is what I am
Alone is how I'll stay
I know through all the rain there is a brighter day
The sun doesn't shine all the time
But when it does it's a moment so sublime
I'll go it alone
I"ll be by myself
Because I know my success
Is not meant for anyone else

Poet: Jammie Thurman

Dedicated to Prince

the color is love.
the color is sound.
the color is peace.
the color is electric.
the sound is loud.
the sound is now.
the color is his guitar.
shinning like a star.
and souunding so far.
the color is purple.
the sound is electric.


Poet: Martinique Papillion

Challenge Me

Teach me and I'll learn
about people and decite
Teach me and I'll know that i can not be beat
Teach me and I'll get far
a oneway ticket to your heart
try my mind it will open up
to you if your ready to explore
Teach me to hold                               
and keep courage all that it weighs
Teach me to understand what my actions pays
Teach me to know you
to finally give my time
to listen to whats true
Teach me and I'll learn
about people and deccite
Teach me and I'll know
that I can not be beat
Challenge me
I am in too deep.


Poet: Anna Chavarria

JUst Me.

Since I was a little girl I never really knew what I wanted out of life or who I wanted to be.
I found myself acting and looking like someone else, a person who I wished I could be like.
On some days I find myself wondering what people are wearing now, what is IN now days?
Every girl wants to be like the models in magazines or the celebrities that are in movies and TV.
If you’d ask me what I would change about myself if I had the chance, I would say everything.
I hate my smile that shows my teeth, my hair that is long but never curls, the fat I can’t get rid of.
I’ve heard from time to time that I am pretty but then there are those who say that I’m ugly.
It is those people who I worry about what they think of me, their words stick to me never going away.
Each day I try to fix my teeth, use every product to make my hair curl, and work out until I hurt.
Why is it that I can’t see myself in a way that makes me happy, that makes me love myself?
If I keep on living my life worrying about what other people think of me I won’t ever be free.
Free from hurt, free from depression free from being just content with my life, I want to be ME..

Poet: Gregory Golden

Jazz Creations

Man, just listen
These black cats
Do those scats and meows,
Rolling up and down
This black and white ivory
Piano keyboard
Man that is true
Jazz improvisation,
In progress

Maple Tears

Maple tears
Roll down
Their cheeks of
Red autumn leaves

The Lightning Crackles

Claps of lightning crackle
Through gray-blue clouds
The wind howls, lifting
The roof off the old red barn
As the cottonwoods
Gather in from this storm
Lord, provide them with shelter
From harm


Poet: Adrienne Jackson

Listening to the melodies and harmonies of the soft and the smooth
The jazz how it's fused or the rhythm and the blues
Can make me only choose to stay in the room cause
It put me in the mood to sway back and forth and
Listen to this fine man and while he grasps the mic stand
I finally devised a plan to rise and harmonize with vocals so strong
He's singin’ my favorite song...
Hittin’ all the right hi's and lo's so, Delicately usin’ his vibrato
I swear if I didn’t know What the feeling runnin’ thru my spine down to my toes was
Every time he hit a run from the hi to the lo note cause
I, would call it.... I mean....I would have to say...Yes
Loving every moment everything felt so good
Stress free, drama free, like I been wishin’ I could
Get away from all the hurt and pain I just knew I should
Get up and go....No...Naw yo, stay seated...
But I mean... It's so enticing! And I'm sayin’ he's so inviting!
Maybe I can just go stand in the darkness of the dimmed lighting?
And then just maybe just possibly with the right timing
I...could...No... naw, I'll wait, I'll sit and appreciate and
Listen to all the different styles and all the different tastes
From the plain and simple to the melodic melodies of the melodious great and
Maybe I'll get the chance To finally say what’s on hand
Cause it's so much I can talk about as far as what happened To me
But, let me tell you something
For the first in my life at approximately a quarter to 3
I...have finally.... I mean...I have fallen....
I said I, Ace Jackson, have... (sigh)
So as the night comes to a close
I can’t help but to shiver in my hands and my toes
Slacks swayin’ and it looks like I'm a rookie at wearin’ stillettos
I swear I'm nervous because I really don’t know
If I can handle the pressure of the piercing eyes of those
Who have mastered this art, It's tearing me apart
What should say?!, What do I do?!
Should I just follow my heart?!?!?
Yes....Yeah...That’s always a good start
Then whatever happens happens cause It will still be a part
Of my life story.... And now that it's over I
Can’t help but wonder why
Why do I have to leave when I see tears in his eye
I must have hit it on the head but I can’t cry
But I will if can’t figure out why, I...
I still have this weird feeling in me
And I wonder can anyone else see
I really can’t explain this feeling that is taking over my body
I only have one thought in my mind for my body
My heart has sent a message to my brain that I maybe...
That I maybe...No, That I May Be, Naw...Nuh uh...

Poet: Infinity


..and to him, i am his rib. his love for me will surpass mountaintops, his desire to hold onto me forever won't come as a task for his heart will want to provide for all that my heart shall ever ask.
the word "love" won't hold enough power to the way he truly feels. this connection between a man and woman will be surreal, like i will feel the glow of the sun before it crosses my awakening face. and in this place of togetherness, i will embrace the man that God has choosen for me.
and for sure i will be blessed enough to hear the shore from even miles and miles away. i will be delighted in this state of euphoria cause he forms and aura of happiness deep inside of me.
the clouds and the stars will begin to take shape in knowing that our undying fate has manifested.
the birds and the bees will be of ease, the trees and the leaves will be the gate keepers to the silent still breeze.
cause you see, when i am with he and he is with me then for eternity i internally will be cloaked in passion. conception of erotic affections will later consume us too, for i was designed to please only him...ahh, as i can now somehow feel the warmth of his skin.
completion of me, not a 50/50 but 100/100 cause for all that i lack this man will back and for all that he needs i will gracefully sow the seeds. time will be of no interest, space of no concern. in turn he has me and i have him.
fairy tales run nowhere near close, fantasy or fiction wouldn't be able to illustrate this level of diction and if i were to give a prediction. if i had a voice of opinion towards a "happily ever after", then yes even life hereafter, standing at the gates made of pearl.. streets made of gold..
face to face with our Maker wouldnt break accord, cause on bended knee before the Lord we shall give thanks with no ad-lib,cause to me he is my Adam..and to him, i am his rib.

Copyright 2009 Infinity

Poet: tri n tran
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My Stroll

Morning stroll,
The park, so calm;
Sun rise smears orange,
Morning, born to sip dews.

My bare feet,
A luminous shine,
Dancing on the ground
As crispy as sand grains.

Bluebells and daisies,
Early waking to welcome birds;
Lilies and tulips,
Illuminate the lands for the gardeners.

Each step I take,
The bees and butterflies hear,
They flood above the greens,
Dreaming to sniff succulent joy.

Morning stroll,
I a blissful flautist,
Wander into the crimson light,
Feeling the heat of zen peacefulness.

Copyright 2009 Tri N Tran


Poet: Floetic Style
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Congradulations, I'm happy for you. Are those the words I'm supposed to say after we part ways.
Have a nice life, I hope thing turn out right
These words are supposed to be satisfing but to whose delight
I'm not quite sure how this situation is supposed to go.
I never get used to the bumps no matter how many times I travel down this rocky road.
As soon as you think you found gold, you turn out to be the fool
In this game of love it seems like you're set up to lose.
Even if I use caution on the woman I choose, I always end up with the same ending, we're through.
Now what am I supposed to do, this is kind of an awkward position, once lovers on the same team with the same dream have quickly became each others opposition.
I used to look at you and be over powered with lust, but that has transformed into disgust.
Now good and evil are on my sholders and I don't know which one to trust.
One says take the high road, have some class and let be a thing of the past.
The other says do what you wanna do go out with a blast and show yo ass
So as you start to speak and I wanna say go to hell and I hope my image is branded in your mind like its traped in a firey jail, with no bail, so ther's no escaping the memories you left behind. And you walk around sad and wake up every morning wishing you had me back, and for the rest of your days you are overwhelmed with misery, maybe thats the only ways I can have some complancey.
So you say have a nice life and I wish you succes in everything you do and I dismiss option number two, let my emotions die, and I say the same to you. Goodbye. 

Copyright 2009 Daniel Evans


Poet: Dominique Slink
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Lavender Ecstasy

Can I kidnap yu for a night and take yu beyond yur wildest dreams
Can I admire yur presence and praise yur body
White and red rose pedals cascade down yur back as we make
love on the floor
Let me make love to yu wit my words till yu can take no more

Lavender candles, lights dimmed low
Baby I want u bad so jus go wit da flow
Let me relax ya mind and caress ya soul
Tease yu please yu make yu lose control

Let me seduce wit a kiss explore yu wit my tongue
And pull yu back to me when yu try to run
Hold yu in my armz and make yu fall in love
And neva let yu go as we soar high above

Copyright 2009 Dominique Slink a.k.a Flame

Poet: Tatiana
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she said i could have her
i wait to hear her
want to be near her
soon...i can feel her
only a soft and sensitive woman she is
but a hard and strong mind she has
she said i could have her....
i smile to myself only knowing what i would do to her
should i have her all to myself?
in more than ways than one?
should i share her with mutual friends...
keep her to myself locked up inside our room
only to kiss her......cherish her body
why not?
she said i could have her
she has the beauty of a stallion
why not?
i think ill take her...
and keep her...
and have her...aaalll of her

Copyright 2009 Titiana

Poet: Robena Neely




Poet: Beyonka Brinson


I long to feel the touch of a man’s hand on my cheek, that without words say
“I love you, and you have my heart”

I long to feel the kiss of a man’s lips on mine that without words say
“ You are the only one for me”

I long to feel the hands of a man on my waist, that without words say
“ I accept you as you are”

I long to look into the eyes of a man, and they without any words say
“ You are Beautiful, in every way possible”

I long to feel a man’s breathe on my neck, that without words say
“ I crave you”

I long to feel a man’s hand on my breast, that without words say
“ Relax, you’re in good hands”

I long to feel a man’s hand on my thigh, that without words say
“ Please welcome this love I have for you”

I long to feel a man’s hand on my back, that without words say
“ Let me take the stress away”

I long to feel a man’s soul inside me, that without words say
“ Become One with Me”

I long to feel a man’s Spirit and Mind, that will without spoken words say
“ We Are Connected for Life”

I thirst, I desire, I crave , I Long.

Copyright 2009 Beyonka Brinson

Poet: Mocha


Anticipation,anticipation of a virtual man
anticipation of wait;
the evolution of a time that doesn't even exists;
a time capsul that doesn't break.

I awake or did I, or is this the aftermath of a dream that I had;
to me it was good but to your girl ,it was bad.
I ask do u feel this? or are the feelings complacent;
Literally or hypothetically, can you be driving me crazy?

So beautiful a friendship developing,because now you,I'm a part of;
this kind of love is not created, written or documented in
any treaty or magna carter.

I often wonder how long will this last or will this be another
memoir, that was in my past.

When we're together it feels like heaven, nothing even matters;
when you're by I get natural highs,more higher than ladders;
I'd rather lose all I had if I had to choose over you;
this spell you cast,you're all that jazz,you've got me feenin for you;
i do before you even ask the question, turn it around, that tune by
Stevie, cause "Isn't He Lovely"?

Anticipation of a virtual man, anticipation of wait;
The evolution of a time that doesn't even exist like a time
that doesn't break.

Copyright 2009 Mocha


Poet: Kiana
Email Address:

Never will I lower myself to you
Because my pride and dignity
Just won't allow me to
Of course I loved you
Once upon a time
But you left me heartless
At the drop of a dime.
I refuse to let you control me
Just because I want you to hold me
I have better things to do
Rather than to waste my time
waiting for you.
I've promised before
but this time its real
Loving you is a way
I don't want to feel.
Im moving on
with my love and my life,
Because wanting you
hurts me inside every night.
there's someone else
With whom I want to be
Feelings between us are stronger
than ours will ever be
The love of my life is me.
I've loved you long enough
And you gave me nothing in return
In the words of usher
Baby we gotta let it burn.

Copyright 2009 Kiana


Poet: Devin S. Bibbins
Email Address:


It was 9:51pm on October 31st when they cut me from ur umbilical CHORD.
You brought me into this world screamin and confused, but you I 4ever ADORED.
You always had my back and kept it 100% with me from day ONE.
That’s why I’m proud to be your 1st born and only SON.
Being a single parent, I know your life was frustrating and HARD.
Yet you raised me to never be a fool and always know when to keep up my GUARD.
You constantly live life for today, because tomorrow may not be THERE.
And when times got hard, you always said nothing fails with PRAYER.
U taught me to be the author of my own HOROSCOPE.
And when it seems the world is against me, to never lose HOPE.
(lol) I remember when I used to act up in the middle of the grocery STORE.
Until you gave me “the look” to make me not wanna do it ANYMORE.
You gave all of the whoopins to teach me different LESSONS.
They helped me live and learn, so I used them as BLESSINS.
You always told me to never forget God and always put him FIRST.
And to always “hope for the best, but prepare for the WORST.”
I didn’t understand it then, but I thank you for it NOW.
So I’d like to take this time to applaud you as you take a BOW.
You always held everything together, even when I didn’t know HOW?
And when I look back at your life, I’m speechless and all I can say is. . . .WOW.
You by far are the strongest woman I've ever known or SEEN.
This is why I love you, I respect u and I honor you as a BEAUTIFUL BLACK QUEEN!

Copyright 2009 Devin S. Bibbins


Poet Lisa James

“The Skin I’m In”

Today, I feel great in what I’m wearin
Yup! It feels just right
Snug in all the right places
And I swear It ain’t too tight!

There’ll be no pullin or tuggin
Cause it fits just right
I’m cool with how it feels
When I move, to the left and to the right

It was made for me, you see
Tailored to the touch
Smooth and soft,
No, definitely, not too much

Yup! I can’t complain about the color
Cause it’s “in season”
It compliments my eyes
And that’s all the more reason

I feel so sexy and light
When I sashay
Nothing’s pinchin or stickin
It’s all flowing, just one way

Yup! This is one look
I simple can’t lend out
It’s just for me
Without a doubt

Today, I feel great in what I’m wearin
If I didn’t no any better
I’d dare to say
I caught somebody starring

No, I’m not boastin!
Cause it’s not about that
I’m just comfortable, you see
And it’s just as simple as that

It’s not everyday
A sista feels this way
Yup! I’m lovin the skin
That the LORD put my in

Copyright July 11, 2007 Lisa A. James